Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm back!

I should be back to my regularly scheduled surfing today at work :) I just got back from Chicago - my minds a whirlwind - I'm so proud of myself because I didn't cry one stinkin bit yesterday! Not when we said goodbye, not in the terminal, not the night before (OK, maybe a few tears the night before). WOOOoOOoO HoHOOOO! It’s a big achievement for me! I think its because I know we're on the downward slope, only four more months and we'll be together for real!

OK, so good things that happened this weekend.....this post might be a bit long, because there’s a lot to cover. On my flight in – it was just a long long day. About 13 hours of travel. But, I did meet the ArchBishop for Mexico and Latin America for the Greek Orthodox Church. We had some nice conversation. And its always a good sign if you have a super Holy guy on the plane, right? The flight was nice – I had a whole row to myself so I did get some sleeping in. I also read the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s a book about Ancient Toltec Wisdom on how to achieve inner peace and stuff like that. I purchased it a long long time ago when I was trying to get more into Mexican Cultural stuffs – I remember reading it then, but not really getting it. Its tough to read, but there are a lot of life lessons to be learned, and I think if I can follow some of those teachings I will be in a much better place for it.

Anyway, my flight got in late Thursday night, and we got home about 1:30AM...once we got up to the condo Pat O’Brien told me to "give him a couple minutes" - I figured he had to take a big poop or something - it didn't really matter because I had a lot of packages to open that I had sent there, so I busied myself. When he said it was OK to come in, I walked in to this:

I was so impressed! I thought - WOW! All this for me? Just because I came home to visit? I am a SUPER lucky girl! 50 candles - 5 dozen roses - rosepetals everywhere - it smelled so wonderful, and it was soooo romantic.

I gave him a big giant smooch and hug, but realized he was only hugging me with one arm. So I pulled away, and then, I saw this in his had:

My heart leaped into my throat, and I thought - ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhmygod. He dropped to one knee - and proposed!

I tried to get a good pic of it on my hand, but they came out all blurry and poopy, so these images will have to do until later :) I had my head in my hands and when he actually said “Will You Marry Me?” I shook my head “no” – not because I didn’t want to marry him, but because I couldn’t believe it. This is SOOO not my life, know what I mean? Who actually does something that incredibly romantic NOT on TV or in the movies? It just didn’t seem real…..and just to clarify, I did say YES!

He completely caught me off guard! I mean, we already bought a condo, we know we're moving in together in February, and we have pretty much 90% of the plans ready for the wedding in March - we initially decided that we weren't going to have a ring to make it "official"…..and at one point over the past few months I dragged it out of him that yes, I probably was going to get one, but I never expected it like this, and definitely did not expect it with THAT ring. HOLY COWPOKES! Its incredibly distracting, I keep on staring at all the flippin sparklies in it. Its just BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway, It was a great start to a wonderful weekend *although we didn't go to sleep Thursday night until like, 3:30AM - too much adrenaline running!* We went to the Chicago Art Institute, walked about town, ate at a couple choice restaurants, and we went to my FAVORITE joint, BW3 (buffalo wild wings) and ate some fabulous wings, watched some terrible Lions football and lamented over the Tigers loss of the AL Central was great to watch the other games with him after we got home - all cuddled on the couch!

*sigh* He's so dreamy.

I also was supposed to fly back on Monday, but a huge mix up at UPS (started by my inability to correctly write my own address) delayed a package that I was waiting for to bring back to work, so I changed my flight and went home on Tuesday instead. I know, how terrible, an extra day with my honeybuns…..Woe is me ;) I had so much crap crammed into my luggage – bottles of NyQuil, Airborne to ward off illness, Old El Paso taco seasoning (hey, I can’t find it here!), other vitamins and fiber, facial care from Origins, and scrapbook stuff. My luggage was seriously overweight, but they didn’t charge me an extra dime so I didn’t say anything!

The flight back was uneventful, abliet a litte delayed. So now, I’m sad to be back, and glad to be back at the same time.....the kitties were happy to see me and sleep with me. They are so fuzzy and warm! And, I realize how short my time is here, I really need to get my butt moving so I can finish all my reports for work.....and I can't wait to start scrapping again!

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Congratulations Karinsky!!! AB-O-SO-LUTE-ELY LOVE the ring!!!! - Chana