Monday, October 09, 2006



Wow! What a weekend! Friday I wasn’t able to get home in time to see the first pitch, but I did see from the 2nd Inning onward – it was so exciting. Pat O’Brien and I watched it together – via SKYPE and our webcams. It was pretty cheesy to be giving virtual High Five’s and cheers – but it was nice to share it with him, especially since Keith was working until the 9th inning. I'm also über jealous because my cousin Janelle went to the game on Friday - she said it was awesome - and I totally believe her. Saturday we watched the game at the sports book, so we could catch the MSU/UofM game at the same time. Keith also placed a bet while we were there on the suckfest 49ers vs. Raiders, and won about $200 on Sunday.

I've seen some pretty cool headlines and stories about the Tigs - one is the title I used for this post - another one was "Tiger Grit beats NY Glitz"...amongst many many others. Also saw some great pics of the post game Saturday - it was electric watching the crowd get so into the celebration with the players - this truly is a treat for us to be able to experience this team.

I've already told Pat O'Brien, if they go to the World Series - I'm coming home. A girl can dream, right?

Sunday we just chilled at home and watched football all day. I got through a few more subjects of my high school scrapbook project that I’m doing – I’ve done sports, band, homecoming, but I have to do prom, portraits and candids next. It’s been quite a chore – I’ve completed about 16 pages so far, 10 of them were this weekend. That’s some serious paper scrapping! I thought I had all the pics in one place, but I just found a rogue album with a whole bunch of pics in it – I kinda just want to keep them in an album, because they’re already nice and neat and semi-organized, but they are just calling to be put in the scrapbook, so they’re all in one place…..I guess it just depends on how adventurous I get.

HA! I finally remembered to blog about something I thought about in the car! It’s a miracle! When you live in the city in the US, you don’t really get a chance to see many wildflowers (unless your 5 years old and consider dandelions flowers. I don’t.) unless you’re traveling up north in late summer. One of the coolio things I have been noticing lately is the abundance of wildflowers that are growing around us. Yes, they are in apparently abandoned lots surrounded by graffiti clad walls, but they sure look a lot nicer when framed with a soft bouquet of pink petals. In mid summer, it was white poppy-looking type flowers, and then came the WHORDES of pink posies that completely took over various fields....... The pinkies gave way to low, yellow ground cover type flowers, and now, we’re in the era of these beautiful purple buds – they are about three feet high, and sway just so when the gentle breeze hits them…..

Really, I have no idea if they are actually flowers or just an abundance of weeds (like our little dandelions) but I really don’t care too much. It makes me want to frolic, and its just so stinking pretty to look at.

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