Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Feeling much more normal today - not so angry, a bit more rested. I still look like I have luggage under my eyes, but I suppose thats OK. Also, I'm not all that sore. Yeah, a little bit, but it hurts in a good way :) Its mostly my pecs because of the chest presses I was doing hard core, but my legs feel pretty good. I might even hit spinning again tomorrow :)

Other very important news - GOOOOOO TIGERS! I broke out my Big League Chew again. Twice - once after the first inning when things weren't looking to hot, and again in the bottom of the 9th, with two outs, bases loaded, and the Big Hurt up to bat. Yes, Frank Thomas hadn't had a hit the entire series, but he's definitely capable to do some damage, so I thought I would throw some in just to give Todd Jones a little more, well, boost to get him out. Frank popped out, and the game was over - and los Tigres de Detroit go home with two wins under thier belts.

OK, now for some serious business :) Another expatriate blogger (if you'd like to check more out - see the ExPat suitcase link to the right) posted the following article on his blog earlier this week....I found it to be intriguing, so I contacted the author and with his permission I have reposted it in its entirety here. I get rather emotional about this subject, but I'm not always that well informed and can never provide good reasons as to why I feel the way I do - but this article brings up some good points and maybe will help people understand a bit why Mexicans feel the need to go to the US to try to make a living for thier family. FYI - most of them don't want to leave Mexico (or at least the one's I know) but sometimes, its thier best shot at keeping food on the table. When forced with those kind of conditions, wouldn't you resort to extreme measures??

Borders are not about political lines

By Patrick Osio, Jr

International borders are not about political lines dividing countries. Borders are about people living across each other separated by a political line. When people divided by borders are of different cultures, speak different languages and there is significant economic disparity between them the differences often become political problems.

In the Western Hemisphere most border political problems do not start, or are sustained, due to language or cultural differences. These differences may exacerbate the problems. The roots of most political problems exist where there is an economic disparity between the two divided nations. The greater the disparity, the greater the political problem.

Thus when the problems are not cultural or language, rather economic disparity, it makes little difference what the names or world locations of neighboring countries. So North Korea is to China what Mexico is to the US; Lesotho is to South Africa what Mexico is to the US; Guatemala is to Mexico what Mexico is to the US, and on it goes.

When there is no economic disparity, the political problems between countries are mostly based on historical issues, commercial rivalries and in modern times, environmental issues.

The US has two countries separated by the political line we call border, Canada and Mexico. The economic disparity between the peoples of Canada and the US is of little consequence thus the political problems based on the border as a dividing line were, prior to the 9/11 terrorist attack, for the most part non existent, though there are Canadians living and working illegally in the US. And since 9/11 the political border problems the US has with Canada are perceptions that Canada is not doing enough to stop terrorists from crossing into the US.

Along the US-Mexico border the situations is dramatically different. The economic disparity between the two countries is so great that simply stating it in general terms cannot describe its enormity.

To better understand. Unskilled or semi-skilled factory workers in the US earn $11.30 an hour; in Mexico $1.13. A US skilled factory worker earns $16.90 an hour; in Mexico $2.79. An office building janitor in the US earns $9.37 an hour; in Mexico $0.87. A US store clerk earns $8.91 an hour; in Mexico $1.67. A US plumber earns $26.97 an hour; in Mexico $2.50.*

How long do workers in the above job examples have to work for some basic staples like: half-gallon milk; 10-tortilla pack; 1-lb butter; 1-lb Cheddar cheese; 1.42-liter corn oil; 1-lb potatoes; 1-whole chicken; 1-dozen eggs?*

  • The US factory worker: 1-hour 45-minutes – Mexican worker: 9-hours 16-minutes
  • US skilled factory worker: 1-hour 5-minutes – Mexican worker: 3-hours 34-minutes
  • US office building-janitor: 1-hour 57-minutes – Mexican janitor: 11-hours 29-minutes
  • US store clerk: 2-hours 3-minutes – Mexican store clerk: 5-hours 58-minutes
  • US plumber: 45-minutes – Mexican plumber: 3-hours 59-minutes.*

The above costs of basic staples take into consideration the difference in costs between the US and Mexico: chicken at 99-cents per lb in the US versus 81-cents in Mexico; potatoes in the US at 99-cents per lb versus 47-cents in Mexico; the US corn oil at $3.49 versus $1.78 in Mexico; US Cheddar cheese at $4.99-lb versus $2.24 in Mexico and so on.*

Mexican farmworkers earn less than 80-cents an hour, but a great number of farms have and continue to shut down unable to compete with US citizen-tax founded farm subsidized products exported to Mexico, creating high rates of unemployment.

For millions of Mexicans their earnings, if they have jobs, do not provide sufficient income to provide the basic necessities to support a family, so they cross the political line without official permission in search of economic opportunity, and most find it rather easily. Due to the massive numbers crossing a political problem has been created in the US.

The economic disparity in wages coupled with job availability in the US are the root problems of the political problem between the US and Mexico.

So what does America, the country made great by immigrants, propose doing to solve the root problems?

Builds fences and militarizes the border, declare those desperate souls felons, criminalize aiding them in any way, deny their children education, prohibit renting them shelter and classify them as terrorists to ease the American conscience.

If such laws are enacted, may our Lord have mercy on our beloved America. __________________________________________________________

*(Wage and price comparisons from: International UE at:

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(The opinions expressed by Patrick Osio, Jr. are solely his and do not necessarily reflect those of, editorial board of advisors or it’s contributing writers.)

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