Monday, August 14, 2006

Earthquakes and other Ruckus

Had a great weekend with Pat O’Brien around…..seems to me though like I blinked and now its over. Only 6 more months left here though, and I won’t have a big bawl fest to look forward to every month. I’m doing pretty well now, and I did great this morning taking Pat to the bus station, but last night I was a wreck! I thought I was getting better at dealing with saying good bye, but its like I was tricking myself into thinking I was doing better, and all the raw emotions I’ve stifled for the past few months came rushing back. I could not stop crying…..

This trip was a nice change from our last visit where we were running around every three seconds to a different place. On Thrusday, we picked him up from the airport and headed to Polanco to meet his brother. Now, if you recall, I mentioned the protesters who were merely taking up space with their tents while the actual peole were no where to be found…..this particularly pissed me off when it took us a good 2 and a half hours to get to Mike’s hotel when it should have only taken us 45 mintues tops. It was quite possibly the worst traffic I have ever sat in my entire life.

Just so you know who and what was causing all the ruckus - here’s a picture of the PROTESTERS CAMPS. I don’t think its right for them to be f’ing us in the A just so they can play campy-camp while they get to participate in their normal day.

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After arrival to the hotel and such, we went for a very nice steak dinner at The Palm – which was conveniently located in the hotel, thus providing us with a great dinner without the expense of having to sit in a flippin car for 4 hours to go 2 miles to our original local – El Rincón Argentino. Then we walked down the street and went to the Celtic Pub (yes, we went to an Irish bar in Mexico) and had quite a few more beers. It was actually a pretty darn fun night.

On Friday I wanted to go to the National Museum of Anthropology, which was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel – Pat, Mike and I made it but Keith was feeling a little too woozy so he stayed at the hotel. Apparently, shortly after we left was when the earthquake hit – but for some reason Keith was the only person who felt it. Not sure if we were in the elevator or at ground level it wasn’t as pronounced as being in the 20th floor of a hotel….but either way it was kind of cool to say I was in an earthquake, even though I didn’t feel it.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much spent lounging around Metepec and Toluca – we went out and had some good food and some good drinks – and generally had a really great time. I love spending time with Pat – probably one of my favorite things that we do when we’re together is cook. Which is strange because I really don’t like to cook. Somehow though – its tranquil and calming when we are working together to create something, even if it is just spaghetti and meat sauce. It just feels so good, so normal, and it always manages to make me happy.

So now, I am trying to determine my plans for September and Christmas……and the airlines aren’t cooperating much with me as far as flight times and HOLY MAN – the FLIPPING PRICES! Its ridiculous. At the beginning of the year I was paying $280 for a ticket, now I can’t find anything for less than $460 and $580 for Christmas. That just bites the big one. Somehow I’ll make it work though. I’ll be damned if prices can keep me away from Pat O’Brien :o)

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