Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Happy almost end of August!

So my day ended nicely on Friday, I picked up Keith from work, we had dinner at the BK Lounge and generally chilled for the entire weekend. We were going to go to Mexico City, but couldn't get tickets to the game, so we just stayed home - Keith had a live draft for Fantasy Football anyway, so he might have bailed out regardless. I scrapped my brains out Saturday and Sunday, and also decided Saturday night to tie one on with some vodka tonics. Keith's poison of choice was Budwieser - a local store had a promotion where you buy a six pack and you get hot ass doritos for free. So we did. I guess he felt like drinking a little bit of home, you know?

Keith is getting ready to head home for the labor day weekend, and he was preparing my iPod for the trip (yes, I know - its against my good judgement to let him take it, but its time I start trusting people, right? And besides, he does have a job so he can pay me back if he f's it in the A). They are going to have an 80's Prom Night as the theme of one of thier bashes - so here Keith is, getting tanked by himself on Budwieser, and I can hear him belting 80's songs at the top of his lungs. Toward the end of the evening I could have sworn I heard him crying as he was singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart". It was rather entertaining.

While I did get to enjoy my buzz, I also managed to get in a huge fight with Pat O'Brien.....OK, it really wasn't HUGE, but big by our standards because we really don't disagree about much. I won't go into detail here - but I will just say I was a big SCHMUCK, and I apologized profusely for the next two days. Everything is OK now :)

Sunday I actually managed to go to church, which I think I may start doing a little more often than not. I realized that I haven't been since May! HOLY SHNIKEYS! It just was always a slightly uncomfortable experience going, because I didn't know the responses and instead of being comforting it made me all angry and mad. Well, this time was better because I managed to snag a little misselette thingy, and I understood pretty much all of what the Padre was saying and such. And it gave me a chance to wear a skirt, which is always fun.

So what about all the scrap-a-rama that was going on you might ask? Well, here are a couple layouts that I finished:

You Said No!

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Credits: Papers, stars, screws, alpha, ricrac, ribbon - JW Meaning1; Brush - handstamp ornate - JW Meaning1; Drop shadow actions - Tracy Murphy; Fonts - Susie's Hand, Batik Regular

This is from the Jen Wilson Meaning.ful challenge, week 1. I was debating weather or not to put the journaling, because its pretty personal, I guess. Funny how I don't think twice about posting it online in front of zillions of strangers....anyway, here it is.....

Journaling Reads: We were in Big Joe’s Lab happily preparing to test concrete. On the drive from St. Charles to Clarksville we talked about how crabby I was – How I hated losing an hour for daylight savings time and how I thought trains were stupid. At some point during the day, prompted by something I heard on the radio the day before, I asked if you thought women and men could be just friends without some kind of sexual tension.

You said No.

We had a great drive home, a great dinner at Chevy’s with yummy margaritas that went down so smooth, and we would have had fun playing Mini-Golf if the place wasn’t closed. Before we changed plans and went to the casino you said that you really wanted to kiss me....but you didn’t. Not until two weeks later in New York. Two crazy weeks of late late night phone calls, text messages, IM, emails – two weeks of a racing heart and incredible electric feelings roaring through my body....pure adrenaline.

So, that’s the day it happened. The switch was flipped. Somehow you went from a friend of five years to something more. I always thought you were incredibly handsome, witty, smart - and we always had such a great time together. I think I didn’t let myself feel more before that day because we were both married – but finding ourselves in the midst of failed marriages the gates were able to open. I’m so glad they did.

I’m so happy you said no!


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Credits: Sketch - Jenniea Papai; Paper - Jen Wilson - Simple Sun; Alpha - Shabby Princess - Sweet Serenity; String, Metal fasteners - Jen Wilson - Meaning1; Metal rimmed vellum tag - my own; Font - my own handwriting created by September Myles

Grandma's House

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Credits: Papers - Iron Orchid Designs Little Mai; Flowers - Melanie Violette, ACOT celebrate life, jen wilson,hunibuni,lori barnhurst; Lace, wine twine - Jen Wilson Early Autumn Bouquet; Journal card - Michelle Underwood; File Card - Melanie Violette

Journaling Reads:Growing up we spent a lot of time and Grandma and Grandpa Medel's house. It was close to the school so we walked over after until mom got home from work. There was always a ton of kids there - always something going on. We'd play outside, pick flowers, watch PBS animal shows, help Grandma make tortillas. Since those times of my childhood, twenty years later, not much has changed. There's been a few coats of paint added, and Grandpa passed away in 2002, but aside from that - not much. The alter is still in the same position, with a steady flame by its side, the living room and bedroom walls covered in our family pictures, Mexican artesenas dotted here or there, and all the flowers inside and out (Grandma always had such a green thumb!).

When I visit I'm always enveloped in such warm, fuzzy feelings. Nostalgia, love, etc. I love grandma's house, but I know that the feelings don't come from the place or the things inside - it comes from the little woman who lives there, and her complete and utter love for all who enter.

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