Monday, August 21, 2006

Mondays y los Diablos Rojos

Ugh. Monday again. I am oh so tired - I closed my eyes at every single traffic light on the way into work. Only got honked at three times though. I think I actually fell aleep once. Traffic was ridiculous this morning because the main road is officially closed - they're starting the paving now. I hope its done soon because this one hour commute thing has GOT to stop! Also, I couldn't take a shower this morning because there was no hot water - there wasn't any yesterday either but we forgot to relight the heater. That stinks man.

Apart from the crappy Monday start, I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we went to Mexico with the Belmont family to catch a ballet at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, one of the most famous theatres in all of Latin America - it is gorgeous! The ballet was pretty cool too - it was a Children's Ballet - meaning it was short (about an hour) and full of wonderful, beautiful, colorful costumes. All the kids in the theatre were truely mesmerized! It was kind of cool! After, we went to Coyocan for some yummy food - Quesadillas for me (with cheese and mushrooms) and Tortas Al Pastor for Keith. It was pretty yummy.

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Sunday I really wanted to just stay home and chill - but we had kind of made plans to go with our friend Omar (who is moving back to cali next week) to see Los Diablos Rojos de Toluca play a game against, despite my crummy mood and not really wanting to go, we did, and had a great time.

Three tickets to Estadio de Nemesis Diez - $100 pesos

12 Refreshing cold beers - $240 pesos

Seeing Los Diablos Rojos kick the pants off of Queretaro - Priceless

Seriously, we had a blast! We missed the first goal because I was running late (surprise), but we got to see two more right in front of us! The only thing that could have been better is if there were cheap seats left (yes, there are tickets cheaper than 33 pesos). The cheap seat area is called "Sol" because its in the sun - super flippin hot. Its also known as "La Perra Brava" which means the Brave Bitches - presumably because they're hard core for watching the game in the sun. La Perra Brava is quite a lively crew - lots of cheering and chanting and jumping around and they remove their shirts after the first goal, and keep them off for the remainder of the game. Then, also whenever a goal is scored, red dust is shot off from over in that section, confetti is tossed, and a HUGE BIG ASS FLAG (is there any other kind in Mexico) comes out over the top of the crowd and the people jump up and down underneath to give it this strange, popcorn movement. Its pretty dam cool!

Really though, it is impossible to explain the energy and excitement of the fans in the stadium. Its so incredibly loud because people are blowing these Kazoo type thingies, and cheering as loud as humanly possible. Its easy to see now why people here are soooo into Soccer - its incredibly addicting. I'm not saying that I am a hard core soccer fan now, but I definitely enjoy it a billion times more than I did before. I used to think it was a game for hoytie-toytie rich folk - but its just a way of life here. I'm thankful that my eyes have been opened :)

I really enjoyed the experience. So did Keith. He said he wants season tickets now - although I think its just to see the Banamex Porristas (cheerleaders) in their tight white jumpsuits.....or maybe the corona girls in the tight blue jumpsuits with knee high black boots. Either way - its cool to experience something new like that - and I am so grateful for the opportunity!

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