Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A new leaf?

While Pat O'Brien was here we went to the gym and were talking about various forms of exercise while walking on treadmills.....The subject of Spinning has come up various times - first because one of his co-workers is hard core into it, and also because its a good way to burn, like, a million calories in an hour.

So, I mad a commitment to myself to try something new and go to a spinning class this week, since its offered at my gym for no added cost, as are pilates and taebo classes.

Also, with my Spanish classes starting up, and my general excuse making routine in the evening, I decided I really just needed to start getting my ass out of bed and going to the gym in the morning. Its ridiculous to not get out of bed until 8:00AM after hitting the snooze 10,000 times and getting to work late every day, you know what I mean? And Pat O'Brien gets up early to run or ride his bike, and my mom used to get up like at 5:30AM and do it, and heck, I would get up at 6AM and run back when I was running regularly.

so I made another commitment to myself to get out of bed at 6:15Am in order to make the 6:30 class.

Then my alarm went off.

I actually contemplated hitting the snooze for a good minute or so, until I said out loud - "FOR PETE'S SAKE YOU MADE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF - GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED AND GET MOVING!!!".

It worked. I got out of bed and made it before the instructor did, and managed to get a few minutes of walking and stretching before the class started. Kicked my ass, but it felt good and I actually was on time and much more chipper than normal. Tuesday and Thursday are pilates, with Spinning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So tomorrow, not only will I make good on my getting up promise, but I'll get to try out spinning as well.

We'll see how it goes - I'm making the commitment for three times a week getting up early, one Saturday gym session, and the other two days some type of work out video....with one day of rest. I'll let you all know how the progress goes later.

A new Fridge
On another note - my dear brother Keith was being a good boy and doing what I asked him to....he was chipping off the humongo frost that builds up around the freezer area. This frost build up prohibits me from retrieving my icecube trays (because it blocks the ice cube tray drawer), and makes me super cranky and angry every time I try to do so. So, back to the story - he's chipping away with a screw driver and hammer, and accidentally punctures a metal part - from which releases a nice little hissing sound. Greeeaaaat. So, turns out, by looking online - all the Freon probably leaked out, rendering the fridge useless (since it costs more to repair than to repurchase). He managed to save everything and put it into the other teeny tiny fridge (save for a few veggies, which I will probably cook for dinner tonight anyway). Tonight after he gets out of work we'll go ashopping for a new one.....for the next six months. Seems kind of silly to buy one for that short amount of time, but what else am I going to do? I don't think I can live with one teeny dorm fridge for that long either.

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Anonymous said...

Been there done that! Had the freon spray into my face! Learned my lesson to just unplug open the door and wait for it to fall off.