Friday, August 25, 2006


I've been feeling kind of unpopular lately within my online digi-scrapping community. I know it sounds kind of silly - but every wants to feel like other people like their designs and be validated, right? I've created what I thought were some pretty killer designs, and they haven't gotten much love in the galleries I post in......Also, I've applied to a be on a couple of CT's (creative teams) and got my first official rejection earlier this week. I also didn't win any contests that I've entered either. Hmph.

For those non-scrappy people out there - a Creative Team is a group of people that work with a specific designers work - and then post various places on the web so others can see that designer's products. The perk is that you get the kits to work with FREE.

I should be self-actualized enough to love my own designs because they are, after all, just for me - my memories - my pictures. I guess I've been pulled into the whole online community gig and my vanity (or pride) is hurt by not getting comments/validation from others. Not suprising though - I really like to be good at all the things I do, and if I'm not the best (or at least close to the top) then I get pissy. I don't like to be not good at things. Its really starting to affecting my overall mood. Which stinks.

All I want to do is hang out with the cool kids and have them think I'm cool too, you know?

To top it all off my gums hurt again - they feel raw. I think its from the piping hot battered mushrooms I chowed down yesterday. They might have burned my mouth. Now today I'm having a hard time eating crunchy things because it hurts when it pokes the gums on the inside top back teeth....not a fun feeling.

OK, now that I'm done whining like a little girl - I'd like to share my most recent layout of my Mom & Karli. One of my favorites so far - its fun and chock full of little elements. And, I like the pictures. AND I did a cool eye brightening up thing again - and it actually worked well.

Paper, tags, beads, flower, ribbon, metal, buttons - SoHo Sass - Jen Wilson; Alpha - Country Carnivale - Jen Wilson; Tear - Steph Krush; Drop shadows - Traci Murphy; Acrylic Brush Strokes - Michelle Coleman; Fonts - Susie's Hand, Curlz MT

Thats about it for now - I have to periodically check in on my test to make sure nothing is blowing up, so I should probably pay a bit more attention to that instead of surfing the web, eh?

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