Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random thoughts.......

Holy crap. Three posts in one day?!?! I must be going mad. No, no I'm not - I'm just procrastinating work that I should be doing. I'm pretty good at that.

Looking at my posts I seem to have gone from really low to pretty high. Ah, well, I'm not flying too high like jumping all over the place, but I am whistling when I walk to and from places, and that usually means I am in decent spirits. I swear I'm not manic though, just to make that clear.

So, on with random thoughts.

Matilde normally comes on Wednesdays and Saturdays - but sometimes, she comes on Thursdays and Sundays, depending on her other 12 jobs she has. I told her no problem - that she doesn't need to come tell me every time she has a little change in schedule. I'm so laid back like that. But, I was thinking back to the first time she didn't show up on Wednesday and didn't tell me - I imagined that she came in to our house, took one look at the mess, turned around and went back home. So now, every time she doesn't come on the normal day, I think of her doing that. And it reminds me of how much of a piggy I am sometimes - especially in the kitchen. The dishes pile SKY high - especially if I cook. Pat O'Brien - I promise I will be better at that once I move in...its the not having a dishwasher that sucks butt.

Did you know that liquid paper was invented by a woman? I forget her name, but she worked in the typing pool at a company and was sick of retyping a whole page to correct one silly mistake. She started selling to other typists, and somehow started mass producing and that was that. She sold the company a few years later for like 50 bazillion dollars. That’s a smart chick. I learned that on the history channel. Keith and I have been watching a lot of that lately. Guess we’re getting sick of watching CSI repeats.

I named the interns’ fish today. They have a big bowl with a really pretty Beta (his name is Jovas), and today they added two tetras and two guppies. I was quite disappointed to hear they weren’t going to give the other four names. So I took control, and named the little guppy Guillermo (Memo for short) and the big guppy Bob. The tetras are called Los Gemenos (the Gemini’s, or the Twins) because I can’t tell them apart. I think they are much more happy in their home now. I think the interns just think I’m a bit nuts.


Seroiusly, you are SO not going to believe this – are you ready? Can you stand the anticipation? I just got quite possibly the best news I have heard in the entire past millennium. WE ARE GETTING FOAM SOAP installed in our bathroom at work!!!! I never thought I could be so happy. Fluffy, smooth, smells pretty – and 80% more effective at killing germs and bacteria on our hands! OH HAPPY DAY! Seriously, I’m stoked. No exaggeration – I love foam soap. You should have seen me jump for joy when I found foam Dial hand soap at Wal-Mart. It makes hand washing so much more fun.

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Keith Mayer said...

Did you know that the dude who invented the color TV was Mexican?