Friday, August 18, 2006

Spinning and Rabid Dogs

I did, by some stroke of luck, manage to get up this morning and make it to my spinning class. I almost didn't. If it weren't for my watch alarm going off (across the room) 1 minute after my first alarm went off, I would probably still be sleeping :) The class was intense - and I still can't feel my legs, but I think I'll be going back. It was a good work out, lots of sweating.....lots of muscle usage....mostly for legs, but also my arms and back too. I'm pretty damn proud of myself for keeping my promise - and for seriously kicking my Ultimate Challenge minutes pledge out the window. Seriously, right now - I ROCK!

A word about pet food advertising - if the food for puppies contains milk and you want to relay that fact to the general public - do NOT give the cute little puppy a milk mustache. It just makes it look like the cute innocent puppy is rabid and foaming at the mouth and ready to attack at any minute. Not the exactly the happy warm and fuzzy feeling you'd like to envoke with billboard advertising....

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