Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What protests?

Today I went to Mexico City to check out a place to hold our ACI meeting in October - we knew way ahead of time that the main drag in Polanco (Reforma) was closed down because of the protests that are still going on (I think its day 15???).

Seriously - WHAT A JOKE! The whole road was shut down because they had giant tents (think, outdoor banquet types) covering the whole road, and also a few tents for people to sleep in. But there were, like, NO PEOPLE!!!?!?!? Where the hell were they all? The city has been in chaos because the this road has been closed, and there is not even anyone there chanting or holding signs or anything. I was througoughly disappointed.

I was hoping to catch dinner with Pat's brother - but we were finished way ahead of schedule and just came back to Toluca. When I came home to call Mike, there was a nice message on my phone saying I haven't paid my bill and service is suspended until I pay it. Weird, eh? But I still have internet.....the funny thing is that I was bitching and moaning because "how the hell can I pay the bill if I never recieved one????". Until I found it under a few papers on the dining room table while I was cleaning up. Ooopsie. It was due last Friday. So, I gotta take some monies out so I can pay it!

One more sleep until Pat O'Brien gets here! WHOOO HOOOO!


Ricardo said...


I was shocked at the fact that there were very few people protesting and mostly big tents with cars in the Mexico City "protest". I have written several articles that you might want to check out. You have a nice blog, congrats.

Ricardo said...


I forgot to Mention that I am an expat myself. Mexican living in Brasil.