Friday, August 04, 2006

ick. cow brain tacos.

Today I tried eating a cow brain taco knowing full well that it was cow brains. They didn’t look appetizing, but I was going to try them just to try them. Because when in Rome (or in this case Mexico)…….. My Coworkers weren’t going to tell me what it was……but as I was bringing it to my mouth they told me. And I’m pretty proud of myself for still trying it. Or rather, for still taking two bites until I could feel the texture of brains and the taste of ass and then spit it out into a napkin. When I spit it out – I gagged a little bit, but I didn’t barf all over the table. I also couldn’t really eat any of the other food (chicken soup and carnitas) But hey, I tried something new, right? Ick. I still want to gag every time I think about it. I guess that means I’m out for Fear Factor, eh?

Last night I finished up a few layouts I’d like to share:

Fer - Fernando is our friends’ adorable youngest son. Sometimes he is such a ham!
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Credits: Celebrate Life collaboration kit at ACOT

More Love - This is the first time I used a layered sketch - the quickest layout EVER! Pic is one Pat O’Brien took of us while we were walking back from the Lincoln Park Zoo. Aren’t we the cutest !?¡¿EVER!?¡¿
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Credits: Papers and elements - Carla Gibson Embrace Sampler; Sketch by Gina Miller; Love stitched label - Jen Wilson

So what’s up with the Protests in Mexico City, you might ask? I don’t know man, they are crazy! And, they are camped out on Avenida de la Reforma, where all the super nice stuff is, and the same area that Pat’s brother Mike is staying at when he arrives on Monday. It’s not like its violent or anything – they call the protestors Plantones – because they are pretty much just “Planted” there, standing around blocking roads and such. It will just make it a pain in the arse to go to that area after we pick up Pat O’Brien at the airport on Thursday. Who knows though, maybe they will get tired or maybe the government will kick them out – I know the business around there are losing butt loads of money.

Plans for the weekend? I plan on chillin tonight, then going to a Banda concert tomorrow of K-Paz. Should be a good time. Maybe I’ll have a beer tonight – it feels like that kind of day.

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